BrowniePlayer is a minimalist media player for exhibition spaces based on the Raspberry Pi.


  1. Download the latest image:
  2. Write image to SD card
    (Explanation how to write operating system images on an SD card)
  3. Format a USB flash drive using exFAT
  4. Use these settings for rendering your video files:
    · Video resolution (maximum): 1920x1080 px (Full HD)
    · Video codec: H.264
    · Audio codec: MP3 or AAC
    · Container format: MP4 (.mp4) or QuickTime (.mov)
  5. Copy your video files to the USB flash drive.
  6. Put both in your Raspberry Pi; connect HDMI cable first, then power cable


BrowniePlayer has sucessfully been tested on:
· Raspberry Pi 1 Model B ✔
· Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ ✔
· Raspberry Pi 4 Model B ✔
...and should work on the other (earlier) models too.

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